Interactive learning


Our methodology is centered around improvisational theater training. We have found that the tools that allow groups to get up on stage and create stories in front of live audiences foster the skills of creative brainstorming, mental agility, executive presence, resilience, trust, and collaboration. We offer:

  • Half or full-day workshops on the improviser's mindset
  • Weekly or monthly classes on a specific topic

Speaking & performances


As improvisers, we are very comfortable on stage. We bring a diverse set of interests and skill sets to our work and can use interactive activities and games to energize and connect audiences of any size. We offer:

  • Conference opening and/or closing sessions
  • Keynote speeches
  • Interactive improv shows

Design research & strategy

12-2014_design_thinking_ 88.jpg

Organizations large and small use design thinking to routinely innovate by connecting to and understanding their customers, clients, and colleagues better. Using your team's own challenges we'll work closely with you to uncover human needs, reframe problems as opportunities for design, and generate breakthrough ideas that we bring to life in the moment. We offer:

  • User experience research and ethnographic studies
  • Facilitated design sprints
  • Experience prototyping and testing in real-life settings
  • Human-centered design training programs

Customized experiences


Do you have an idea that is not on this page? Our team is made up of experienced performers and designers who love saying yes to ideas. Send us a note, and we’ll collaborate with you to turn that vision into reality. Ideas include:

  • Interactive work trips
  • A unique ad campaign
  • The best party ever
  • Anything else. You dream it... we'll do it!

What goals would you like to achieve?

We pair our offerings with a variety of goals to help teams unlock their best work. Here are some of our clients' most popular goals. Click each headline to learn more.

Connect with your clients and coworkers across all industries and levels.

Build authentic connections and a culture of feedback.

Be heard when it matters most.

Improve your presence and attention.

Create a culture of originality.

Cultivate behaviors of smart risk-taking and resilience.

Get to the heart of what your customers want.

Ask for problems, not solutions.

Bond with your teammates in a way that is fun and meaningful.

Explore innovative ways to play.