We make the world more curious, generous and resilient.

Strategy & culture building

Improvisation and design provide a toolkit of beliefs and behaviors to increase the productivity of collaboration and elevate engagement through deeper bonds and greater trust. Our immersive and play-filled workshops foster a culture where creativity is encouraged, communication is direct, and emotional support is strong.


Strategic planning

Having a clear mission (the reason for your work), vision (the future you’re moving towards), and values (that guide your everyday actions) are critical for a team to align and work toward a common goal. We help you create these assets in a way that is fun, bold, and inclusive of everyone who participates.


Creating a culture of innovation

The main indicator of a successful team is a feeling of psychological safety. When employees feel respected and trusted by their team, they are able to take risks, speak boldly, and create their best work. We help you implement the organizational habits that lead to a culture of innovation.

Learning & development

We live in a rapidly changing world where information and knowledge quickly becomes obsolete. Our educational offerings are designed to let you develop skills that last, in a way that is engaging, challenging, and effective.

Our team has several years of experience of teaching and curriculum development in design and improvisation at Stanford University and will adapt these best practices to your unique context.

The Improviser's Mindset

Our methodology is centered around improvisational theater training. We have found that the tools that allow groups to get up on stage and create stories in front of live audiences foster the skills of creative brainstorming, mental agility, executive presence, resilience, trust, and collaboration. We offer:

  • Half or full-day workshops on the improviser's mindset
  • Weekly or monthly classes on a specific topic

Public speaking

We live in an age where ideas are meaningless unless they can be communicated effectively. Let us help you develop your voice and hone your presence and attention.

  • Individual coaching on public speaking in general or for a specific talk or event

  • Classes and workshops on

    • Presence, body language, delivery, and confidence

    • How to perform better under pressure and become a more adaptive speaker

    • Storytelling and persuasive communication

Human-centered design

By using the skills of human-centered design, you’ll learn how to ask the right questions, elicit meaningful feedback, and create solutions that will make an impact in the world. Our curriculum is experiential, relevant, and fast-paced, getting you ready to take action immediately after a session concludes.

  • Custom designed training programs and asset creation (2-12 months)
  • 4-15 day design sprints, tackling a key problem your team is facing
  • 1-2 day workshops on the fundamentals of design thinking
  • Half-day introductory experience to design thinking and creative problem solving

Design research & consulting

Organizations large and small use human-centered design to routinely innovate by connecting to and understanding their customers, clients, and colleagues better. We'll work closely with you to uncover human needs, reframe problems as opportunities for design, and generate breakthrough ideas that can be brought to life in the moment.


Qualitative user research

Do you have an important challenge in front of you that you're not sure how to tackle? Collaborate with us on an exploratory research project. Our team of designers and researchers will work alongside members of your team to gather inspiration by engaging with the world and frame new opportunities for innovation rooted in the needs of your users.


Idea generation & concept development

We believe all humans are creative and can generate breakthrough ideas under the right conditions. But sometimes we all get stuck. We help you set the stage for ideas to flow and for your entire team to feel ownership of the innovation process.


Experience prototyping

We rapidly bring ideas to life. Regardless of the form your idea might eventually take our improvisational approach is a fast and cheap way to discover how your ideas work and to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of your users.